Thursday, 9 July 2015

Blending Comfort and luxury, Mumbai Airport Hotels

hotels in mumbai
The city of dreamers, believers and achievers – Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra witnesses massive migration every day. People come to this city in search of jobs, education and a better life with eyes gleaming of big dreams and hopes. Mumbai is also the Business capital of India resonating for the humungous amount of business tourism. The Chattrapati Shivaji Airport receives millions of guest’s every day and Mumbai Airport Hotels leave no stone unturned to provide a comfortable stay to these guests.

Mumbai Hotels are world famous for their professionalism and provide premium services to its clients. Other than migrants and business professionals, Mumbai is also a famous holiday spot. The Gateway of India, Juhu Beach and Haji Ali are every tourists favourite spot .  Mumbai offers more than the tourist can expect, Vada Pav is a delicious local dish, for the local people the day can’t be over without a vada pav.

The local train of the city is synonymed as its lifeline, showing the importance of the local for the citizens. Mumbai has an impeccable bus system but people prefer the local in order to escape traffic.  The city is well connected via road, rail, air and even water. Mumbai has pleasant weather throughout the year but it’s better not to visit Mumbai during monsoons, as the city often comes to a halt due to the heavy rains. Marathi is the language that dominates the area, but English speaking population also exists.

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