Friday, 6 July 2018

Airport Diaries (2 hours at Mumbai International Airport)

I was travelling from my home town, New Delhi, to UK for a short 10 day long summer vacation with my family. Since there was no direct flight between the two places, we had to stop at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport for a 2-hour long halt to catch the next flight. While waiting at a good hotel like Hotel Kohinoor Continental seemed like a good option, we decided to stay at the airport due to the paucity of time.

The first thing that I did was to explore the airport. Spanning over an area of about 21,000 square meters, the T2 zone of the airport was nothing less than a maze of shops. It had quite a few interesting retail outlets of internationally renowned brands of clothing, accessories and d├ęcor chains. Being a shopaholic, I had a gala time checking out the latest collection at these widely acclaimed outlets. In fact, I even picked up a chic fuscia coloured Kurti, coupled with exquisite oxidized silver jewelry and a pair of vibrant Kolahpuri Chappals for myself.

After ticking off these wardrobe essentials, I decided to drop by at one of the stores selling organic cosmetic products. Given the unforeseeable weather of London, I thought that picking up some skincare products is not a bad idea at all. From fragrant moisturizers made of pure almonds, jojoba and avocados to tinted lip balms made of strawberries, oranges and raspberries, the store had quite a few irresistible products to spoil me for choice. Given the chilly winds of UK, my mom suggested that I must not forget to buy a good moisturizer and a lip balm. So, I ended up purchasing the almond cream and the raspberry lip balm for myself. 

After this shopping spree, I stopped at a famous bookstore in the premises of Mumbai International Airport. What caught my eye was the latest Dan Brown novel, ‘Origin’. Being a diehard fan of Dan Brown, I thought that this would make for an interesting companion in my night long flight. So, before wasting any time, I bought a copy of his recent work. 

The clock was ticking by this time and I barely had half an hour to spare before we proceeded for the boarding process for the flight to London. So, I dropped by at a famed international coffee franchise and ordered my favourite cup of cappuccino. After quickly gulping down my favourite coffee and making the most of my 2 hours at the airport, I was out towards the boarding counter for London.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

5 Lesser Known Facts About Siddhivinayak Temple

The Siddhivinayak Temple is one of the many proud elements of every Mumbaikar. Precisely speaking, it is the heart of the natives living in Mumbai. Devotees from all over India visit this temple because of the high significance. Apart from the months of July, August and September, all the months are considered to be the best time to visit Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai. The fact that this temple is visited by popular personalities is surely known by everyone. Well, here are some of the lesser known facts about this temple:

1) One of the richest temples
The temple is by far the richest temple of Mumbai and one among the top ten richest temples of India. Witnessing a large and uncountable number of devotees, it receives a donation of around Rs 100 million to Rs 150 million every year. The emergence of this richest temple from a small shrine is truly remarkable. Its glory was brought in by the visit of the number of famous personas such as politicians and Bollywood actors. 

2) The unique idol of Lord Ganesha
The idol of Lord Ganesha worshipped in this temple is carved out of a single black stone. In whichever temple you go, you would find Ganpati with a trunk on the left side. But unlike other Lord Ganesha idols, this particular one has a wide trunk on the right side. Explore this unique idol during the best time to visit Siddhivinayak temple, Mumbai. 

3) The lake
Adjoining the eastern and western side of the temple, there used to be a lake. This lake was dug in the 19th century by Nardulla with a twin aim of providing water to the natives and enhancing the beauty and significance of the temple. But unfortunately, the water was covered with land and that area is now utilized for other purpose that is it is converted into a playground, as a part of Kakasaheb Gadgil Marg. 

4) The Hanuman idol
During the road expansion project of Sayani Road near Elphinstone Road, the workers of Municipal Corporation found a Lord Hanuman idol. It was placed on the roadside by the workers and came into the notice of devotees visiting the Siddhivinayak Temple. They thereafter took the idol inside the temple to the head priest who was Shri Govind Pathak in the year of 1952. He immediately built a compact temple for the same Lord Hanuman idol. 

5) A Mandar tree
This temple was built by a contractor named Laxman Vithu Patil. The funding for the building was done by a rich woman named Deubai Patil. She wished that Lord Ganesha would grant every barren woman’s wish for having a child and to fill their life with happiness. Ramakrishna Jambhekar Maharaj, the disciple of a renowned Hindu saint Akkalkot Swami Samarth, buried two idols in front of the presiding temple.For more info visit:-

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Why Mumbai is Called the City of Seven Islands?

Endowed with numerous tourist sites like the Gateway of India and Juhu Beach, Bombay, or ‘Aamchi Mumbai’, as it is fondly called by its inhabitants, is the financial artery of India. Thousands of people from the different parts of India flock to the ‘city of dreams’ every single day in order to give a boost to their careers. Today, a metropolitan center always sprawling with life and activity, Mumbai was once a fragmented city with 7 different isles. This archipelago became the conglomeration that Mumbai is today over a span of several centuries, through a series of land reclamation measures. This is what earned Mumbai the tag of being ‘the city of seven islands’. Here’s a brief flashback of Mumbai’s journey from being an island in its own right to being the amalgam of 7 isles:

The first major step taken in this direction was in 1708 with an intention to build a causeway (a water bridge) between Mahim and Sion.

The second stroke came in 1772. This was done with the intention to prevent the course of flow of water and to avoid the shoreline of Mumbai from getting flooded. This connected Mahalaxmi and Worli. What is intriguing about this move is the fact that it is supposedly the oldest illegal construction in Mumbai. Ironically, its offender was William Hornby, the erstwhile Governor of Mumbai who built the bridge at a whopping expenditure of Rs. 1 lakh. Though the move was pending for approval from the Company of Directors who resided in England, the Governor nevertheless went ahead with the construction, with the anticipation that the move would get a green signal. Paradoxically, the rejection came a year after the construction and Hornbill was sacked from the post for his reckless decision! The construction of the bridge had completed by then and there was very little that could be done about it. The legacy of the former Governor continues to haunt the bridge, which is known as ‘Hornby Vellard’.

The next move came in 1803 when the island of Mumbai was connected to Salsette by commissioning the construction of a causeway from Sion. A few years down the line, in 1838, the Colaba Island joined Mumbai. The next stroke came in 1845 when Mahim and Bandra became a part of Mumbai. This incurred a total expenditure of Rs 1, 57, 000. The amount was donated entirely by first Baronet Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy’s wife, Lady Avabai Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy, as the government completely shirked the responsibility of laying these causeways.

This wave of reclamation and construction was continued even after India became free from the British rule. This led to the acreage of Nariman Point and Cuffe Parade. Eventually, the Honourable Supreme Court decided to step into the matter and curtail this wave of construction activity in order to protect the shoreline of Mumbai in 1970. The move was further bolstered in 1990 when the Court instructed the government to strictly abide by the guidelines for the Coastal Regulatory Zones.

Thus, it took a fairly long span of time to make Mumbai what it is today: an agglomeration of 7 islands, including Colaba, Mahim, Parel & Worli.

Today, the city thrives as the hub of tourism and is crowded by an array of popular hotels such as Kohinoor Continental Hotel. Conveniently located in the heart of Mumbai, the hotel flaunts a fine fusion of luxury, comfort and latest state-of-the-art amenities & is a great stop for all the modern travellers.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Lovely Luxury Hotels in Mumbai Create the Perfect Ambience for Guests

Indulge yourself with insouciance, surrender to the luxury of lavish pampering and ensconce yourself in posh luxury hotels in Mumbai with plush air-conditioned accommodation. Simultaneously enjoy the convenience of staying in an easily accessible hotel near Mumbai International airport.

When you check into such a classy hotel near Mumbai international airport, you are entering automatically a world of luxury! With gorgeous avant-garde luxury furniture in vibrant hues encapsulating glass, cane and leather combos very subtly, with lavishly spaced and centrally-air-conditioned rooms with sensuous room lighting control and loaded mini-bar, with pampering bathroom toiletries such as soap, shampoo, moisturizer, comb, bathrobe (on request) and hair dryer in every washroom, round the clock luxurious room service for you to savour gastronomic delights at leisure in the relative privacy of your room, a telephone and more, you are really cosseted!

However, the conveniences do not end there! They extend to a smart LCD television for your viewing pleasure, a sleek writing table/calendar, stationary and handy tea/coffee maker, digital safety vault for your valuables and complimentary newspaper, you are at par with the world all the time!

With plush and opulent Topaz and Sapphire suites and exclusive Premium, Business and Superior rooms to choose from, you have in the elegant suites the added luxuries of a lavish and luxurious furnished spacious living room complemented with an LCD TV, leisure couches in pleasing pastel shades and a side divan to accommodate more people effortlessly! The private bedroom embodies state-of-the-art amenities and the suite also encapsulates extra en-suite  In-house 24-hour, same day laundry, vital direct dial facility, complimentary Wi-Fi Internet Facility, making living a pleasure in superb luxury hotels in Mumbai!

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

An Insight into Standout deluxe hotels in Mumbai

The business capital of India and prominent amongst the modern and monetary center points in the country, Mumbai gets the inflow of many tourists from all parts of the world. Based on the shoreline of the Arabia Sea, the city is likewise a key vacation spot. There are a number of lodging in Mumbai, which offer extraordinary stay and hospitality.

One of the top-notch deluxe hotels in Mumbai, Kohinoor Continental offers supreme facilities and is situated in one of the great locations in Mumbai. This luxurious hotel is the one that fits your pocket without burning a hole in it. One can get to the majority of the popular tourist spots and beaches by various modes of transportation. Celebrated business points, eating, and shopping home bases are additionally in close to the hotel.

Kohinoor Continental is an exemplification of class, solace, and extravagance. Notwithstanding the sumptuous location and accommodation, visitors can likewise take delight in high class meeting and seminar facilities of the hotel as well the banquet halls for small family functions and gatherings. These banquet halls in Mumbai are probably the best you’ll see with world-class amenities and superior service standards.

There are a lot of fancy accommodations in Mumbai; and also a large group of plan facilities. Kohinoor Continental promises a superior stay experience that surpasses that of any five star property. A must stay, when in Mumbai!

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Luxury Hotels in Mumbai are an Oasis of Lavish Guest Privileges

In a pulsating city with a global buzz, where multi-ethnic communities coalesce and global guests arrive in style in pursuit of their dreams of a magnificent fabled land, luxury hotels in Mumbai with a carpet of contemporary global state-of-the-art hospitality infrastructure and hotel convenience, greet you with a lavish lifestyle!

When you judiciously check into hotels near Mumbai airport, then some of the awesome hotel services that you inherit encapsulate are a stylish Fitness Centre occupying an entire floor latest with its modern up-to-date gizmos and machines for your daily health regimen, under the supervision of a professionally trained competent trainer, relaxing sauna and steam! An inviting open air swimming pool, travel desk, the facility of smoking/non-smoking rooms, this proactive wheelchair accessible hotel, with free parking and complimentary transfers, woos guests of all categories! With a gorgeous art gallery with artistic offerings and multi-cuisine restaurant to satiate your taste-buds, such luxury hotels in Mumbai, spoil you!

Hotels near Mumbai airport, whom the domestic or global guest is of equal importance, provide a melange of in-room useful conveniences to enhance your stay! Such facilities include en-suite washroom with abundant toiletries, in-house laundry and iron/ironing board on request, flat screen television with several satellite channels, a temptingly loaded mini-bar, complimentary wi-fi and coffee/tea maker and electronic safe for your valuables! With a doctor readily on call, thoughtful daily housekeeping and individually controlled air-conditioning, luxury hotels in Mumbai , provide you  with blissful living!

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Find Comfort and Solace on Your Business Trip in a 4 Star Hotel in Mumbai

Mumbai can be hectic; Mumbai can be chaotic, but with a stay in one of the 4 star hotels near Mumbai airport during your business trip to the financial capital of India, you can actually enjoy the pressures of being in Mumbai. Choose a hotel that not only is in close proximity to the airport or railway station, depending on how you plan to travel, also look for a business hotel that provides basic business amenities such as business centre, conference hall, high-speed internet, airport transfers etc. to ensure your stay in the hotel as well as the visit to the city are both comforting and fruitful. There are endless conference halls in Mumbai, but if you host the business conference in the hotel you are staying in, it adds a supplementary benefit. Not only does it ensure a better event management, you can also lay back and cut down your commuting time within Mumbai. 

conference halls in Mumbai
Hotel Kohinoor Continental
Hotel Kohinoor Continental is a plush business hotel with a 4 star rating and is located at a distance of 10 minutes drive which is a super luxury in Mumbai. Apart from the basic modern amenities such as contemporary decor, spacious bedrooms and lounges, welcoming reception and cozy interiors, the hotel also provides facilities such as fitness centre, swimming pool, art gallery, restaurant, travel desk, parking, wheelchair access and airport transfers. 

 There are several halls suitable for your business meeting and conference such as Emerald Banquets, Boardroom and Ruby rooms designed tastefully and elegantly to add a touch of core professionalism to each of your business meeting and conference.