Friday, 13 December 2013


hotels near Mumbai airport
Popularly called ‘city of hopes and dreams’, Mumbai is the financial capital of India. With the highest GDP, this economic powerhouse holds the reigns of  sectors such as petrochemicals, textiles, maritime trade etc. It is also the focal point of financial institutions and headquarters of many companies. Numerous entrepreneurs and corporate tycoons envision Mumbai as the potential market for various products and services. Thus, the place is thronged by many international corporate visitors. And the city does not disappoints in welcoming them either.

Especially, the opulent inns near the airport greet all such jet setters with warm hospitality with professional élan. These hotels near Mumbai airport offer a flawless blend of comfort, luxury and state-of-the-art amenities. From airport transfers to plush furniture they provide many attractive value-added facilities.

Some of the best hotels near Mumbai airport are located in the suburbs of Andheri. Therefore, the plush suites in this commercial zone, witness countless visitors coming throughout the year. Hotels in Andheri do not disappoint their esteemed guests and provide preeminent services. Since the place is frequented by business and corporate travelers, the hotels in Andheri have large and spacious conference halls to arrange meetings and corporate events and can accommodate quite a large number.

A trip to Mumbai is incomplete without relishing its culinary delights. And to add to the revelry toothsome delicacies are not restricted to the nearby restaurants and eating outlets. The magnificent hotels near Mumbai airport congregate culinary ideas from across the globe and serve their guests. The relaxing ambience and services offered at these in-house restaurants are intuitive and the experience is priceless.

With its rich amenities, warm and attentive staff and exceptional array of amenities, these iconic hotels have set the standard for luxury in Mumbai making it an ideal sojourn for business travellers.

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