Thursday, 9 August 2012

Enjoy Your Ale in the Thriving Pubs in Andheri

If you are a first time visitor to Mumbai and looking for some suitable waterholes that will allow you to enjoy your drink the way you like it then you will be delighted to know that there are a number of pubs in Andheri along with the other parts of the city that can offer you the perfect place to hang out with your friends and drinks. The pubs and bars in Mumbai are always expected to provide you with a lively atmosphere and you are always welcome to try out the popular Mumbai hangouts to have a feel of the real spirit of the city and also find out the perfect ambience where you will really like to have a couple of drinks before having one for the road.

The Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport of Mumbai is located near Andheri and naturally majority of the best luxury hotels near Mumbai Airport are located in and around this western suburb of the city. Due to their close proximity to the airport these Mumbai hotels enjoy the maximum number of international tourists and it is only natural that the services and facilities that they provide to their clients are also world class.

Most of the Mumbai airport hotels offer their lodgers a wide variety of facilities like bars and swimming pools along with great accommodation so that the foreign tourists visiting Mumbai can really have their best time out there. These luxurious hotels near Mumbai airport offer online booking facilities so that one can book his accommodation from almost any part of the globe. But different hotels follow different terms and conditions along with different booking cancellation policies and one will always do better to check out these things before he actually books his accommodation in any of the best airport hotels in Mumbai.  

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