Thursday, 5 April 2012

Luxury Hotels in Mumbai Abound

Mumbai, the charismatic capital of the massive state of Maharashtra, ensconced on the west coast of India, with its fascinating potpourri of cultures, commercial activities and teeming humanity, offers world class hospitality!

Luxury Hotels in Mumbai abounds and you are spoilt for choice!   These hotels incorporate a wide range of Specialty Restaurants and excellent Conference and Banqueting Facilities!  Located in the Central Business District of The City, 5 minutes drive from Nariman Point and Ballard Estate, and 10 minutes drive from the local Railway Stations, they are located in close proximity to Bombay’s best theatres.

With luxuriously appointed air-conditioned rooms and suites, amply stocked with
Modern amenities and conveniences, they offer a comprehensive Fitness Center, Spa and outdoor pool for the health conscious clientele, as well Tennis and Golfing opportunities, an excellent Business Center, Executive Retreat, all-important Disabled access, a tantalizing attractive Shopping Arcade with Designer Brands and so much more!

Accommodation in Mumbai is in abundance and includes hotels of all denominations –from 7-star luxury with world class amenities, to very modestly priced 1-star hotels, providing the very basics in hospitality.

However, in a city where excellent educational institutions abound and students come in droves to imbibe and disseminate the knowledge they provide, a vital segment of accommodation in this bustling city is composed of varying forms of student accommodation. Exhaustive online information is available of private rented student accommodation offered by landlords and leasing in Mumbai. This includes: student houses and student apartments in Mumbai. There is also a list of student bed-sits and studios as well as larger private housing schemes and apartment blocks in /for Mumbai.  Individual rooms in Mumbai listed by students, ratings of areas, average rental rates, finding roommates in Mumbai, contacting Leasing Agents and Landlords in Mumbai - all this detailed information online can help you make discerning choices, saving both valuable time and money!

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