Thursday, 3 May 2018

Hotels in Mumbai near Airport – Where My Story Began!

The city of dreams. Mumbai has a lot to offer the people staying or visiting the city. 

Being from a middle-class family in Kohlapur, Mumbai was a place, I always dreamt of visiting. When I learnt that Mumbai is the home to the film industry of India, Mumbai became my ultimate destination. You can call my story another struggling artist’s saga, and dismiss it as a story that you have heard hundred of times, but it’s the story of everyone who has come to this city to make it big. I came to Mumbai at the age of 18. Having finished my schooling, I came here with big dreams in my eyes and all I could manage was a job at a hotel in Mumbai. The salary wasn’t enough and I was staying with 5 boys in a single room, but never did I curse or question my struggle. 

I was working at this hotel in Mumbai near the airport. Since I had the night shift, during the day I used to audition at production houses and in the night I would be busy in the hotel’s kitchen washing dishes. It was one of the guests at the hotel who asked me to come audition for him. After the audition, that guest personally came to the kitchen to tell me that I had managed to reserve a spot for myself in this movie starring Hrithik Roshan. Dancing among the backup dancers, all I could feel was this pride flowing through me. I was one step up the ladder and after that day there was no looking back. Days and days of working in the shadows, I finally managed to bag a role in a small budget documentary. Little did I know that the documentary I was in was to be featured in Cannes and I as the main lead had to make an appearance at the premier. Wow… days of hard work had finally paid of! 

A small town boy, a waiter, a struggling artist, walking the red carpet at Cannes!

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